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Washington Central Supervisory Union 32

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3/15/17 School/Weather Update

  • After consulting with the National Weather Service, the State of Vermont, Roger Hill and our personnel, all schools in Washington Central will be opening on a two hour delay tomorrow morning on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. This means that Berlin, Calais, Doty, East Montpelier, Rumney and U-32 will start two hours later in the morning.
    At this point we expect to be able open school with the delay, but I would ask all of you to pay attention to the media, check your phones and e-mail for messages in the morning as conditions may change quickly as they did this morning. Early in the morning I will be confirming with our road crews and the weather forecasters to learn about the weather and the roads conditions for the day.
    Please stay safe and warm.
    Bill Kimball, Superintendent
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11/29/16 Weather & School Protocol

  • Dear Washington Central Educational Community –

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your flexibility and caution during the inclement weather we experienced this morning.  I would also like to assure you that the safety of the students is our highest priority. 

    This morning we were under the impression that the rain would come a bit later in the day and that the icy driving conditions would be happening while students were safely at school.  As we all know, the rain started earlier than we had thought.  As of 10:00 am this morning all the buses had brought the students safely to school.

    I would also like to explain how we make determinations about school cancellations, delayed starts, and early releases in general.  Within 72 hours of a potential inclement weather event, we start to receive information from both the Burlington Office of the National Weather Service and local meteorologist Roger Hill warning us that there might be a chance of difficult driving conditions.  The day before the event, we receive updates from both of our weather services with storm models that predict the timing, the intensity, the duration, and the types of precipitation and the temperature.  Approximately 10 hours before we have to make the school closing decision, we receive an updated model package and check-in with the town road crews to ascertain their readiness for the storm.  On the day of the event, at 4:30 am, we start a communication protocol with the town road crews, the bus company and Roger Hill to see if anything has changed from the night before.  By 5:40 am we have to make the determination to run our regular schedule or to delay or cancel school.  If we are any later than this time, the bus company and the town road crews cannot ensure that students will arrive at school safely.

    If the predictions are different than what a bus driver experiences while on the road, as was the case this morning, our drivers are instructed to stop driving the bus and wait for support from the town road crews to help improve the driving conditions.  At the same time, the buses are in constant communication with both the bus garage and the supervisory union office. 

    At all times this morning I was totally confident that the students on the buses were safe, since I knew the bus drivers would follow this protocol and, indeed, some of them needed to employ this strategy. 

    I would like thank the staff of Washington Central, First Student and the town road crews for their flexibility in supporting the students and starting the school day.  As they always do, they made the needs of the students their first priority and ensured that everyone was safe and had their needs met.

    If you have any further questions of concerns, please let me know.

    Bill Kimball
    Superintendent of Schools
    Washington Central Supervisory Union

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11/2/16 Meeting Cancellation

  • The WCSU Act 46 Study Committee meeting for Wednesday, November 2nd at 6pm has been CANCELLED.

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9/21/16 Meeting Change

  • The WCSU Executive Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st at 5pm has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

    The WCSU Act 46 Study Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st at 6pm WILL STILL MEET at Doty Memorial School.

    Please contact the WCSU Central Office with any questions at 802-229-0553.

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New Websites

  • In moving toward meeting the goal of improved communication, WCSU is proud to unveil our new and improved website!  Please take a look around, sign up for alerts, 'Like' our new FaceBook page, follow the Superintendent on Twitter and more.

    Our schools each have new websites as well - you can find them by clicking the Select a School tab, choosing Elementary Schools from the dropdown list and picking your school.

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Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements

  • Beginning with students entering ninth grade in the fall of 2016, a student meets the requirements for graduation when the student demonstrates evidence of proficiency in each of the Student Learning Outcomes that are in alignment with Vermont’s Education Quality Standards.

    Please click the following link to read the complete policy:  Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements Policy

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • On May 25, 2016 the WCSU Full Board approved the Student Learning Outcomes, which states the following:

    WCSU exists to nurture and inspire in all students the passion, creativity and power to contribute to their local and global communities.

    More specifically, WCSU students will meet or exceed rigorous standards for:

    Core knowledge of essential academic subjects, including:

    • Literacy
    • Mathematical Content and Practices
    • Scientific Inquiry and Content Knowledge
    • Global Citizenship
    • Physical Education and Health
    • Artistic Expression
    • Financial Literacy

    Transferable skills and behaviors that prepare them for life-long learning and success, including:

    • Creative and Practical Problem Solving
    • Effective and Expressive Communication
    • Engaged Citizenship
    • Working Independently and Collaboratively
    • Informed, Integrated and Critical Thinking
    • Self-Awareness and Self-Direction


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