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  • The purpose of our school is to teach all children  to become competent, caring citizens and life-long learners through a challenging and relevant curriculum.

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    February 20-24, 2017

    Show your school, spirit by participating in these special days! REMEMBER all clothing choices, hairdos, hats, etc. must be examples of safe, respectful and responsible behavior!

    “When in doubt don’t wear it out!”(Or to school!) :-)


    Monday : Class Color Day- Show your class spirit by dressing in the color your class picks!  SLT members will come around to classes with a hat full of color names your class will pick from.


    Tuesday : Crazy Hat and Hair Day! Choose a safe, responsible, respectful way to show your spirit with a crazy hat or  crazy hair!


    Wednesday : Clone Day! Partner up with as many people as you like, dress like a CLONE of each other!  How well can you match up?


    Thursday : Colorful Clash Day! Show us what you can put together that clashes! Who will have the craziest style of mismatched clashing clothes?


    Friday : Comfy Cozy Day! - It’s your day to be comfy cozy!  Wear what is comfortable for you!  Pajamas, sweats, jeans, what will you choose?

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