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Principal's Page | January 17, 2017

PRINCIPAL'S PAGE  |  January 17, 2017

Dear U-32 Families,

Our first semester has ended and report cards will be coming home with your student on Thursday, January 19th.  We continue to implement a proficiency-based graduation system that aligns our grading practices with the standards that students must meet.  Grades are meant to be a clearer indication of what students have learned, not simply a measure of how much work was turned in or how hard students might try in class.  Learning is the indicator of success.  Report cards for grades 7th - 9th will show student scores on each individual standard in that class along with student scores on the Transferable Skills.  There will also be an overall score calculated for each course based on content standards that will show on the report card and transcript.  I will use the transcript view to explain how the scores are calculated.  Transcripts and report cards for students in grades 10-12 will be the same as in previous years.

This sample from the student transcript below shows only the Literacy Student Learning Outcome and the Graduation Standards associated with it. The full transcript will show all Student Learning Outcomes and Graduation Standards along with any additional courses or programs of study.  In the left column below under the heading “Courses” is the section of the transcript that will show the class name, the overall course score based on content standards that students get in a class, and the year in which it was taken. The scores in this section will be calculated by averaging the content standards assessed in that specific course.  This is the overall course score and it will be reported on the report card as well.  These scores are then used to calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA), which will appear on the transcript.


trans 2

The right hand column, under the heading “Graduation Proficiency” is a student’s progress towards meeting the Graduation Proficiency on each standard.  Teachers will assess student progress towards graduation on each of the individual standards each semester. When students reach “Proficient” on any single standard, they have met the graduation requirement for that standard. Students will have to meet “Proficient” on each of the 37 content and 6 transferable skills standards in order to graduate.  In the first semester of the freshmen year it is unlikely that a student has demonstrated enough to meet “Proficient” on any single standard.

We continue to align our classroom assessments and grading practices to ensure that the grades that students receive are indicative of how well they have learned and demonstrated their understanding of the standards.  If you or your child has a question about his/her score in a class, please contact the teacher.


Steven Dellinger-Pate