Welcome back to school!!! My name is Nicole Clark and I am the Food Service Director here at the Berlin Elementary School. Debra Anderson is the Assistant Food Service Agent and we are both looking forward to serving your children wonderful, nutritious meals. We will be serving breakfast and lunch every day. Please read carefully the information below.

    Changes about foods containing nuts:

    This year, students are allowed to bring products containing nuts to school. The cafeteria will provide a nut-free table for anyone who has nut-free lunches.


    Menus will be sent home at the first of every month and can also be found on the Berlin Elementary School web page www.berlinschool.org. There are also extra lunch menus available in the front office.


    • Breakfast- Students= $2.50 (no cost to those qualifying for free or reduced)


    • Breakfast- Adults= $3.50    


    • Lunch- Students= $3.50 (no cost to those qualifying for free or reduced)


    • Lunch- Adults= $5.25


    • Milk- ALL= $0.50 (one milk at no charge with meal for those qualifying for free or reduced) any extra milks will be a $0.50 charge to all accounts.

    Applications for Free and Reduced Meals:

        The Free and Reduced application is strongly encouraged paperwork, even if you feel you may not qualify.  Please return it to school A.S.A.P.  This program is not only helpful to families in need, but also helps support our school’s food program. These forms are included in this packet and should be completed and returned to school as soon as possible. Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. You will be notified promptly of your eligibility. Should you require assistance in completing the form, please call the district office at 1-802-229-0553 ext. 312 for help.

    *****Please be aware that in order for a meal to be FREE, students MUST take the entire meal.  If they choose to take only PART of the meal, they WILL be charged.  Example:  if student only wants a taco, on taco Tuesday, they will be charged for that individual item.  If they take the full taco lunch, it will be free. The State of VT makes this rules so that all students have well-balanced & nutritious meals at school. 


    The food service program is a pay in advance system. Please be sure to keep your account current. Bi-weekly statements will be sent home so that you can be aware of your balance at all times. Thank you


    Thank you for supporting our efforts in providing healthy, well balanced meals for our growing children!

    Nicole Clark, Food Service Director

    Debra Anderson, Food Service Asst.