Welcomes YOU! 

    We are a body of volunteers whose mission is to support and enhance the educational programs at Rumney by: 
    - funding enrichment programs 
    - providing resources for parents 
    - serving as liaison between community and school 

    In other years the PTO has put on community celebrations such as the Halloween Extravaganza and the annual Spring Fair. Fund raising (wrapping paper sales, bake sales, bulb plant sales) has made it possible to bring quality residencies to the school to enrich the curriculum, as well as take the children to out-of-school experiences such as productions at the Flynn Theater in Burlington. 

    We are excited at the possibilities that lie ahead in the service of furthering the goals and mission of the PTO. What great ideas do you have for creating exciting opportunities for enhancing learning? How can the PTO fulfill it's mission in new ways? We want your ideas and input! 

  • Jill Drury- Co-Chair

    April Davis- Co-Chair

    Lexie Murray

    Honi Bean Barrett

    Jennifer Campbell

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