Talk to the School Board

    The school board invites comments from the community, which will be discussed in our monthly meetings.

    The role of the board is to:

    · focus on our mission and vision as they relate to student learning outcomes and policy;

    · be fiscally responsible in our budgeting;

    · understand the impact of Act 46;

    · engage our community in a meaningful way.

    Any questions or comments on these areas will be: forwarded to the board; included in our monthly board packet; and addressed at our next meeting under the agenda for Public Comments and Correspondence. Community members are always welcome at board meetings too, of course. Please note that anything sent by this method less than five days prior to a board meeting will be reviewed at the subsequent board meeting.

    Our aim is to ensure that discussions occur in open meetings where they belong, not through email. Any questions or comments about curriculum, staffing, students, or day to day operations, will be forwarded to our principal, Cat Fair.

    We look forward to hearing from you. Click here to E-Mail the board.

    Susanna Culver, Chair; Dot Naylor; Katie Reed; Rick Kehne; Chris Cadorette

Calais Elementary School Board