Hello Berlin Community,

    There are many uses for a school building besides school and we here at Berlin like to share our resources with the greater community.  Our building has been used for sports, indoors and outdoors, the annual Chess Tournament in the fall and the spring, Drivers Education Courses, 4 - H, Baby Expos and yes, even weddings and funerals and much more.  We do charge a minimal fee of $25.00 per session (additional fees will apply if your event is held at a time that custodial personnel would have to be hired.)  Please ask about getting the base fee waived for non-profits or if your activity benefits Berlin Community members as a majority.  You may fill out the form provided and drop it off or mail it in to the front office.  Someone will contact you as soon as the form has been approved by administration and we will be sure to schedule you in.



    Please choose the Facilities Use Application from the forms below