School Start Time Committee Recommendation

  • At the 9.26.18 Supervisory Union Board meeting, the School Start Time Committee presented the following report: 

    Scott Thompson reported that the School Start Time Committee had come to the conclusion that now is not the time to pursue this change. He noted that the committee had recommended, while tabling this, to pursue an effort to “gently educate” teachers, staff, and community about the issues related to a later school start time for teenagers.

School Start Time Subcommittee Charge

  • Based on current science, to recommend school start times be changed. The Subcommittee must take into consideration school system readiness for change and help develop implementation strategy.

    6.6.18 the WCSU Supervisory Union Board voted to extend the charge timeline to September 2018.

School Start Time Survey Data

Committee Members

  • Chris Winters, Berlin Board

    Scott Thompson, Calais/U-32

    Rubin Bennett, East Montpelier Board

    Alison Cornwall, Rumney Board

    Matthew DeGroot, Doty Board

    Karen Bradley, U-32 Board

School Start Time Subcommittee Documents