• Hi. My name is Brad Ohlson. I went to The University of Vermont to learn about music education. Through my observations, practicum, and internships in model elementary music classrooms I have seen the incredible benefits of early music education. I align my philosophies and practices with the National Core Music Standards and with John Feierabend who has this to say about music education….


    “All adults should be tuneful, beatful, and artful so they can participate in music that is interwoven throughout their lives…Adults who are artful are moved by music and seek out venues to share artful experiences with others…Artful adults enjoy being moved by music.” John Feierabend.


    I seek to develop tuneful, beatful, and artful students through the traditions of song, dance and story. Through these mediums are a range of expressions which can be observed with my students learning folk songs often with accompanying movements, students practicing rhythm, learning singing games, song, creating, and other music essentials.


    I offer and encourage instrumental instruction and classes on any instrument.


    Our mission in the WCSU district is to nurture and inspire in all students the passion, creativity and power to contribute to their local and global communities. I hope that my students graduate from my music classroom with these qualities of the WCSU mission that are valuable for a lifetime.