• WCSU Theory of Action


    If we provide high quality instruction and interventions that are responsive to learners’ needs and interests, based on clear learning targets, and measured by a comprehensive and balanced assessment system, then we will close achievement gaps and ensure that all students achieve proficiency in our WCSU Student Learning Outcomes.

  • Embedded in this Theory of Action are three strategic objectives:

    • Clear Learning Targets
    • High Quality Instruction and Interventions
    • Comprehensive and Balanced Assessment System

    On the Theory of Action Implementation Plan website page each strategic objective above is linked with a document that outlines a description of the objective when it is fully implemented with fidelity, why this objective is important, indicators we will track to know that it is fully implemented and the initiatives we need to put into action to support the realization of the objective.

    Since this a five year plan,the Leadership team has identified the initiatives that we will focus on during the 2016-2017 school year and we have identified a project lead for each initiative.

    • Formative Assessment (includes feedback & reflection): Project Leads Jen Miller-Arsenault and Alicia Lyford
    • Learning Targets (aligned to the Student Learning Outcomes): Project Leads - Curriculum Council facilitated by Jen Miller-Arsenault
    • Engaging Students (including questioning and discussion techniques): Project Leads Carol Amos and Jen Miller-Arsenault

    Each of these initiatives will have tasks that embed supervision and evaluation, professional development and staff calibration and communication, learners needs and interest and ongoing attention to technology. Early this fall the project leads will develop a work plan and we will post them when they are completed. Later this fall and early winter the team will put in place a timeline for all the initiatives for the five years.