June 12, 2018


    Dear Parents & Players,

    Thank you for encouraging your son and/or daughter to participate in the soccer program! It’s exciting to see them grow throughout the season, and amazing to see how much progress is made in such a short period of time. We want everyone to be able to play or at least consider soccer. Don’t let lack of equipment stop your child from playing and being involved in this really cool sport. We can help so either reach out to the coach, contact the school, or there will be a box in the lobby of used cleats and equipment for a couple of weeks right after the first practice.

    Player Reminders:

    • Each player must wear shin pads and cleats. Players in K – 2, please see your coach about shin pads and cleats.
    • Mouth guards although recommended are not required.
    • Concussion information (a link to lots of valuable information) will be made available on the school website.
    • Uniforms must be turned in to the coach immediately following end of the last game or player’s last practice. The coach doesn’t want to have to chase anyone down, so please be sure to have a spare shirt on hand and turn in the jersey. They are expensive to keep buying and we want to keep our program alive.
    • Bring a water bottle to every practice and game. It’s a lot of running, stay hydrated!
    • You will run and play in cold, warm and hot weather! The jersey is the uniform, but as the weather gets colder make sure you have extra clothes, wear layers, and even throw some hat and mittens in your soccer bag as the season comes to a close.
    • Snacks – yes, players get hungry after school and before dinner. Please pack an extra snack in your backpack or soccer bag so you can stay healthy and have energy for practice.
    • Talk to your coaches about any concerns you have about your son and/or daughter. Letting them know up front is easier to handle and address than waiting until of season when the damage is done. We want everyone to have a great time and keep coming back.
    • Tell the coach if there are any health issues. You may have written them on the forms, but having a conversation about your expectations or how your child learns will benefit everyone.




    Coaches, Practice and Games: (let school know if you are interested in coaching soccer, 2 is ideal)

    • All coaches must have completed and passed a Level 2 background check, which includes finger printing. Our goal is the same as yours; keep our kids safe at all times. Level 2 info/forms will be sent out once we have names of all incoming coaches.
    • All coaches must complete an online concussion training (good for two years).


    • K – 2: Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. 10:00-11:00 am. (morning time subject to change prior to start of season depending on coach availability)
      • Coaches:
    • 3/4 Boys and Girls Teams: Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-4:45.
      • Boys Coaches: Tonya Brusoe (need assistant)
      • Girls Coaches: Mike Noyes (need assistant)
    • 5/6 Boys and Girls Teams: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:45-4:45.
      • Boys Coaches: Carl Parton
      • Girls Coaches: Craig Frazier and Renee Lague (Vera Frazier, assist when needed)
    • We will have a discussion over the summer about officials so we can be prepared as possible prior to season starting. A ref clinic and payment to refs will go a long ways. Stay tuned.


    • September games start at 5:30 pm. October games start at 5:00 pm.


    Thanks to all of you who volunteer your time to keep this program alive! The most precious part, watching the kids on the field!



    Candi Smith

    Athletic Director

    Berlin & Calais Elementary








Parent Correspondence