Aimee Toth, Principal

Aimee Toth, Principal

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  • Principal's Corner

    Posted by Aimee Toth on 3/30/2018

    Dear Rumney Memorial Families,

    Mud season has arrived to the hills of Middlesex, including the school parking lot.  We had a great All- School Meeting with Ms. K and her students sharing an example of last month’s Growth Mindset focus of “persistence.”  Many students shared how difficult it was to play their instrument… at first. With persistence and practice, the saxophones were transformed from fog horns into a instrument XXXXX.  Quite simply, they were fantastic and inspiring.

    Equally as inspiring is this month’s goal of “Challenging yourself.” Challenging yourself can happen in or out of the classroom and it is using your curiosity and drive to stretch your learning and talents to a new level.   As an example, Maryssa Gusan and Molly Pepin shared a video ad for their latest creations called, Sockamals. Not only have they created several dozen individual sockamals, they have now set up a system for collecting CLEAN socks, orders, and even invite students to personalize their order with naming them.  Support the the creativity and get your child’s spare socks and order in today for the young entrepreneurs.

    We have several great community activities coming up.  Pie Breakfast is this Saturday. So come fill up on a traditional New England breakfast.  I hope to see you there!

    Aimee Toth

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  • Happy New Year!

    Posted by Aimee Toth on 1/2/2018
    Happy New Year Middlesex Community!
    By now, I'm sure you have received your "Kindness Postcard" from our fantastic Rumney Students.  We hoped this would start 2018 in a positive way for you!
    Throughout the month of December, teachers and parents supported our "School-wide Kindness Unit" which began as classroom based kindness, where we watched kindness videos. did kindness meditations, and discussed ideas on spreading kindness in morning meeting.  The second week we stretched to school-wide kindness, as we daily sent kind notes through our school post office.  Our fifth and sixth grade students did a great job taking turns collecting, sorting, and distributing positive and kind notes across the school!  We wrapped up the third week with a massive All- School Meeting where K-6 grade students crafted over 750 postcards to share throughout the MIddlesex community.  
    We hope our ripple of kindness extends past this mailing, as you tell others about the kindness of students at Rumney Memorial School  After all, did you know that one random act of kindness typically inspires at least three additional kind deeds?  Happy New Year!  
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  • 5/6 Long Term Substitute

    Posted by Alissa Barracks on 9/1/2017
    Dear Rumney Memorial School Community,
    I'm pleased to announce that Ms. Bruscetti has been hired as our new 5/6 long term substitute.  Ms. Bruscetti is an experienced educator working at the 5/6 grade level.  We hope you will make her feel welcome as she gets to know your students.  We will be continuing with our learning community building time this week, with typical programming beginning on Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience as we worked through this process.  
    Aimee Toth, MEd,
    Principal Rumney Memorial School
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  • First Day of School

    Posted by Alissa Matthews on 8/28/2017

    Dear Rumney Memorial Families,

    Thank you for your help in launching a great start to our school year.  Thank you to those who were able to talk informally and visit this morning.  We are off to a great start!

     We just finished talking as a staff about things that were positives about the day and small shifts for improvement for tomorrow.  Here’s what they shared:

     *Students were very responsive to the new “Big Four” Guidelines for our Learning Community:

    Respect yourself and others, Work hard, Help each other, Make safe choices.  Please ask your child about them.

    *Recess was a positive.  Border fencing allowed great play to still happen without losing supervision.

    *Dismissal showed incremental improvement, typical of learning new routines.

    Improvement for Tomorrow:

    When you come to pick up, please check in with our new preschool teacher outside, Deanna Murray, who will call for your child.  If you don’t know her, she will have a nametag on.  

    If you haven’t gotten in your Transportation Plan, we would appreciate getting it tomorrow as teachers would appreciate having full lists for everyone.

    Thank you for your patience as we all learn our new process!  See you tomorrow! 


    Aimee M. Toth

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  • RMS Learning Community

    Posted by Alissa Matthews on 8/23/2017

    Dear Rumney Memorial School Learning Community,

    This summer has been filled with great work where I have already been both challenged and inspired.  At Rumney we have many things to be thankful for: a knowledgeable and reflective staff, a fully invested community that loves this school, and resources to do amazing work for students.  As a professional community, we have the task of maintaining all that is wonderful about Rumney, in addition to developing a vision for what we want our Learning Community to become.  

    This journey began on Monday, which coincided with the Solar Eclipse of 2017. What makes a solar eclipse a notable event is the disruption of the established celestial order.  As we noticed in folklore about solar eclipses, this change can be a scary event or a beautiful moment of reflection, a time to mend relationships, and re-establishment of balance.  Largely what the disruptions “meaning” is, depends on the culture. I believe we are reestablishing some positive opportunities for students, as teachers create a common vision for our Learning Community.

    A few reminders about the upcoming week:

    Don’t forget to come to the Ice Cream Social at 5:45 tomorrow until 7pm.  Our teaching staff is excited to see students and reconnect with you as we launch the 2017-2018 school year.

    Students: Don’t forget your cards for teachers.  There will be gift bags with your teacher’s name for you to use as a mailbox.  Drop them in when you arrive!  They will be so surprised on the first day with your kindness!  

    School pictures are scheduled for Friday, August 31st.

    I’ve enjoyed my postcards this summer.  If you haven’t done yours, it isn’t too late to introduce yourself.

    Regular school dismissal time (3:30 p.m.) for the first Wednesday.  Early release begins the following Wednesday.  

    Parents who are able, please join me for a meet and greet coffee from 9-9:30 in the library after dropping off students.  I look forward to meeting you!

    Please make sure to have your needed forms the first day, especially the Transportation Plan.  It also helps us if you update your Parent Portal account prior to the start of school.

    Thank you for all you do to support our Learning Community!  I can’t wait to get to know you and your children better!




    Aimee M Toth, M.Ed

    Principal of Rumney Memorial School

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  • RMS News

    Posted by Alissa Matthews on 7/7/2017

    Please join me!

    I am thrilled to be joining your school community and look forward to getting to know both you and your children.  Please make time to meet me informally at the Middlesex Concert Series.  I will be in attendance July 12, 19, and August 2nd.   Please stop by and say hello!  

    For those of you who feel that it is important to talk to me more in depth about your experiences, please feel free to call Alissa Barracks 223-5429, ext. 2112 to set up an appointment with me.  I’m happy to talk with you prior to the start of school.

    Finally, there have been several areas we have been working on in my beginning days.  Congratulations to Caitlin Morgan who will be transitioning into the 1-2 teaching position.  If you would like to join the hiring committee for preschool, please call the office.   In addition to this,  thank you for the feedback you provided to the Climate Committee in their survey.  We will be examining it in depth together as well as the feedback I collected from the staff to identify next steps in our areas of needed growth.  If you have specific concerns to surface going forward relating to climate, please reach out to me at

    To better understand who I am as a leader I’ve included my “Ten Teaching, Learning, and Leading Beliefs” below.  I look forward to serving your community and your children.  



    Aimee M. Toth

    My Ten Teaching, Learning, and Leading Beliefs

    1. If you look for the good in students, expecting to find it, you surely will.

    2.  Every child possesses some extraordinary quality.  When you discover their unique talents, direct the ability into something beneficial for them and the community.

    3.  Offer words of praise and encouragement to students.  Nothing destroys a young person as much as a negative comment.

    4.  Laugh.  There are wonderfully funny things said, written, and done all the time.  Learn to enjoy them, but never at the expense of others.

    5.  Do all you can to foster group support and cooperation in your school.  Help students to see how their actions not only affect them, but also those around them.

    6.  Equip your students with the basic skills they need to lead a happy and productive life.

    7.  Encourage creativity and imagination in your students.  Together, these two elements help to make life's journey more enjoyable and exciting.

    8.  Esteem honesty, hard work, kindness, responsibility, respect, self-discipline, and cooperation in your classroom and school.  Always model the qualities you wish to see in your students.

    9.  Make parents your allies.  Establish good rapport and work to keep lines of communication open throughout the year.

    10.  Continually reflect on the day's events to improve yourself and make learning a more meaningful experience.

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