• Welcome to the Middlesex School Board Website. 

    Our goal is to give you access give you access to the board’s work and be able to ensure that there is open communication.  Within the website are several pages of information for you to navigate, here is a brief description of each page.

    • School Board Calendar – a list of board and committee meeting dates and times.
    • Contact Board – more detail information on Board contact, their roles, and committee assignments
    • Meeting Resources – links to agendas, minutes, board packets and ORCA videos
    • Rumney Polices – a list of all Rumney Policies and a link to WCSU wide policies
    • Rumney Budget Documents – links to budget information, proposed operating budgets along with other budget-related
    • Act 46 –Washington Central Supervisory Union’s website with Act 46 information.
    • Other Resources – Resources around the board, school, and town that relate to the board operations.

    Want to contact your board members?

    You may call or email your school board representatives at any time.  Contact information for all board members is to the right. 

    Rules of contacting board members:

    Any written communication with board members is discoverable as part of the public record. 

    You may have an email conversation with one board member, but not more than one board member as the latter would constitute a meeting that the public was not privy to.  If you wish to discuss an issue by email, please select one board member to contact.  Issues brought to the board will be put on the agenda on a case by case basis pending the evidence that it needs the board’s attention.  The board chair and the superintendent decide what is on the agenda. 

    When should you contact the board?

    You may always contact a board member for discussion.  If you have a problem, there are rules (see Policy D10, Public complaints about Personnel) to make sure that everyone with an issue can get that issue addressed equally.  If you have a problem with something that has happened in the classroom, for example, you would contact the teacher in charge of that classroom first.  If no resolution was found, the principal would be your next point of contact.  Then the superintendent.  If the issue continued without resolution, the school board would intervene.  We are happy to help you figure out who is the best initial person to contact.


    Statement from the Middlesex Town School Board

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