• ~  Athletic Participation Form  ~

    All registrations for U-32 Athletics are now completed online or with the mobile app Healthy Roster, our partner company.


    If you already have a Healthy roster account CLICK HERE to log in.

    Healthy Roster provides parents/guardians with an easy, user-friendly way to register their student for U-32 Athletics via a FREE mobile app or website registration platform which helps make the process more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible. Healthy Roster is HIPAA Compliant which means all personal health information (PHI) is stored securely.

    Before any student can participate in athletic programs (including tryouts) the following requirements must be met:

    • A copy of the student’s most recent physical, signed by a physician, must be on file prior to the first day of practice. Physicals expire 3 years from the date of the exam. Students with expired physicals will not be permitted to participate in practices or games until a new physical is filed with the Athletic Trainer.
    • The parents/guardians are responsible for filling out the online form completely and ensuring any and all medical information concerning their student's health, medical concerns, injuries, medications and allergies are reported to the Athletic Department and coaches.
    • ALL students participating in athletics or activities must provide proof of insurance. If you do not have insurance, please use the links below or contact Holly Buttura (hbuttura@u32.org) to obtain information on school insurance.

      • CLICK HERE for information on Student Accident Insurance - English
      • CLICK HERE for information on Student Accident Insurance - Spanish
      • CLICK HERE for a brochure on Student Accident Insurance


    1. Parents/guardians of student-athletes will receive an email INVITATION (via@healthyroster.com) from the Athletic Trainer, Justin Fontaine, to sign up for a Healthy Roster account. Only ONE account is needed for homes with multiple students attending U-32.
    2. Complete ALL the information in your student's Healthy Roster profile (address, emergency info, etc.).
    3. COMPLETE & UPLOAD medical history directly to your student's Healthy Roster account profile (or hand in to athletic department staff).

    For more information, click the YouTube link below to watch a video that outlines the process of accepting an invite to join Healthy Roster, or contact Justin Fontaine (jufontaine@u32.org).

    To view the parent / athlete Healthy Roster intro video CLICK HERE.

    If you haven’t received an email invitation, please click REQUEST INVITATION below. It will generate a prepopulated email outlining the information we need you to include in the email.


    Alternatively, you may send an email to healthyroster@u32.org and include the following information:

    1. CLICK HERE for help filling out the participation form on your mobile device.
    2. Parent/Guardian Email
    3. Parent Name
    4. Student-Athlete Name
    5. Student-Athlete Date of Birth
    6. Student-Athlete Choice of Sports

    Please note that it may take up to three business days before you receive the email invite.


    What is Healthy Roster? - Healthy Roster is an app used by Certified Athletic Trainers to log, track, and communicate athlete injuries.

    Healthy Roster is HIPPA Compliant. - This means ALL Personal Health Information (PHI) is stored securely.

    Who has access to my child's profile? - Until a parent signs up for Healthy Roster, only the Certified Athletic Trainer has access to the athlete's profile.

    What happens when a parent signs up? - After a parent/guardian signs up to Healthy Roster, they have control of who else can access the athlete's profile. A parent/guardian can allow coaches access to injury information (recommended) and invite other medical providers such as their primary care physician.

    Can users of Healthy Roster share my child's injury information with recruiters or other people who do not have access? - Absolutely not! You control who has access to your child's information.

    What happens to my child's information when they graduate or no longer play sports? - The athlete's information is archived and the medical record is kept on a secure server.