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    (Free and Reduced Information will be distributed the first day of school) and questions please contact Sabrina Morse @

    • Student Breakfast - $3.00 
    • Student Lunch - $4.00
    • Adult Breakfast - $4.00
    • Adult Lunch - $5.50
    • Adult/Guests Special Meal - $6.25




    Attending elementary school is a BIG step and we hope to ease your child into it in a way that is comfortable and manageable for them.  We are inviting students and their parents/caregivers to a Kindergarten Visiting Day on Monday, August 26th.  On that day, parents/caregivers and children are invited to drop in for a short visit to get acquainted with the teachers and the classroom at your convenience between 9:00 and 10:30.  There will be no kindergarten class or bus service for kindergarten students on that day.   See below for details:


    Kindergarten Visiting Day!

    When:    Monday, August 26th 

    Who:      Kindergarten children and parents/caregivers 

    Time:     Drop in for a visit sometime between 9:00 and 10:30

    Where: The Kindergarten Room at Rumney Memorial School


    After your visit on August 26th, school will go as follows:

    Tuesday, August 27th: Student’s whose last name begins with A-L only, will attend the full school day (8:45 - 3:30).

    Wednesday, August 28th: Student’s whose last name begins with M-Z only,  will attend the full school day (8:45 - 3:30).

    Thursday, August 29th: All Kindergarten students will begin to attend school daily on Thursday and Friday.


    *Please note there will be no school on Labor Day: Monday, September 2nd.



    Monday, September 9th Student Picture Day (Monday PK)
    Tuesday, October 8th Student Pictures Remake (Tuesday PK)

    Families of PK Students - Please note that we have scheduled a Monday and Tuesday for pictures. If you would like the opportunity for remakes, please make arrangements to be here for pictures on the days shown above. We will have a schedule out soon. Thank you!



     It’s Tick Season Again!

    Most of the tickborne diseases in VT are caused by bites from the blacklegged tick during early spring and late fall. The best way to prevent tickborne diseases is to prevent tick bites. Take these steps to protect yourself and your family from the diseases ticks spread; here are some suggestions from the VT Dept. of Health:

    • Use an EPA-registered insect repellent:     


    • Walk in the center of trails to avoid contact with overgrown grass and  brush.
    • Wear long pants and long sleeves. Tuck you socks over your pant legs.
    • Check your whole body (without clothing) after being outdoors.
    • If you spot a tick on your body, remove it using fine-tipped tweezers and pull straight up. Flush the tick down the toilet.

    Contact your health care provider if you get any of these symptoms after a tick bite: fever, headache, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, or rash. Symptoms can start 3 to 30 days after a tick bite.

    Learn more at


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    Health and Wellness

    A student may receive a modified school meal or snack if they have a medical concern that requires an accommodation (not just a family or child food preference).  A VT. Dept of Education Food Modification Form must be filled out by the medical provider. The kitchen staff has the form and it can be found on the RMS Webpage.  MEDICAL MODIFIED SCHOOL MEAL APPLICATION




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