Welcome to the after-school program for Middle School students at U-32. This year, ATB will be very different and will only be available for students who need a safe place to stay after school to do homework or wait for parents/guardians to get home from work. Students MAY NOT stay after school to wait for a late practice or game.  

    There will be no activities this fall, but depending on the number of students who stay each day, we will attempt to get them outside for at least part of the time for fresh air and to play with friends.

    Masks must be worn at all times unless they are outside, physically distanced, and not having close personal contact (like physical games).

    We will do signups in two week registrations. Please click on the appropriate week to sign your child up.

    September 14-25

    September 28-Oct 9

    October 12-23

    Please call if you need to change (remove or add) your child on any given day - 229-0321 x5159 or amolina@u32.org.

    Please take into consideration that we must do a lot of planning for the students who sign up, which includes physical distancing preparation and paying our supervisor. Please do not send your child if you haven't signed them up OR let us know if they won't be there on a given day. Thank you!

    In addition to signing up for After the Bell, if your child needs to use the late buses, please fill out the Late Bus Sign-Up Form. We must limit ridership this year, and assign seats, so only students who are signed up will be allowed to use the bus.  

    If you have any questions about After The Bell, please contact Amy at amolina@u32.org.