• The After the Bell program for Middle School students runs throughout the school year and is separated into sessions that are 4-7 weeks in length. Sessions are grouped so that students who are participating in co-curricular activities can access them between sports seasons.

    2019 - 2020 After the Bell Sessions

    Fall 1 - September 3 - October 18

    Fall 2 - October 21 - November 22

    Winter 1 - December 2 - January 17

    Winter 2 - January 21 - February 21

    Spring 1 - March 9 - April 17 - CLICK HERE for classes / information

    Spring 2 - April 27 - June 5


    A typical daily schedule will look like:

    2:45-3:00: All students staying for After the Bell (ATB) will meet in the cafeteria for snacks, attendance and recreational time.

    3:00-4:30: Activity of Choice. Students must be signed up in advance to attend activities.  Students who remain after school, but who are not signed up, will stay in Cafeteria for Quiet Study.

    4:30-4:45: Students will gather in lobby/front walk area to be picked up or to ride the late buses.

    On Wednesdays, Quiet Study will begin at 2:15 pm. Students may stay at Quiet Study until they go to practices, games, get picked up or begin an organized ATB activity.

    REGISTRATION - is required for program participation. Brochures will be available in the middle school office prior to the beginning of the new session, and made available on the school website. We will try to accommodate every student who wishes to attend but if an activity reaches capacity, your child may be placed on a waiting list.

    SNACKS -  We are hoping to get donations and grants to cover the cost of a healthy afterschool snack for each participant. Students are encouraged to bring a snack (milk, juice, water, granola, sandwich, fruit) in order to provide good energy for their extended school day.

    PICK UP -  Your child is encouraged to take advantage of the late bus routes that go to drop off locations in each of our five towns.  If that is not convenient, you must pick up your child at U-32 between 4:30 and 4:45.

    QUIET STUDY - If your child stays after school but is not registered for an activity, they will stay in the Quiet Study area in the Cafeteria. Students should bring a book or homework to work on. This is not recess nor will there be access to computers or homework help. It is appropriate for students to listen to their personal music through headphones or play a quiet game with other students. They may bring their own Chromebook as long as it is being used appropriately.

    BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS - All students staying for After the Bell are expected to follow all school rules and policies. They are also expected to stay in the activity that they have signed up for or remain in the Cafeteria for Quiet Study. Students who do not adhere to these expectations will not be allowed to attend after-school programs or stay after school. If a student is removed from class for behavioral reasons, they are not eligible to participate in any after-school activities that day.

    VOLUNTEERS | ACTIVITY INSTRUCTORS | DONATIONS - We welcome parent and community involvement. Parents and community members can volunteer with an activity, organize and lead an activity, organize a fundraiser or a special event or donate to the program (including providing a healthy snack). If you are interest in getting involved in any of these ways, please contact the Amy Molina (amolina@u32.org).