• Washington Central Unified Union School District has articulated our Student Learning Outcomes.  They can best be defined as what we believe our students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate.  They are aligned to Vermont's Education Quality Standards.  They are divided into two broad categories: Core Knowledge of Essential Academic Skills and Transferable Skills.

    The Core Knowledge of Essential Academic Subjects include: 
    • Artistic Expression
    • Financial Literacy
    • Global Citizenship
    • Literacy
    • Mathematical Content and Practices
    • Physical Education and Health
    • Scientific Inquiry and Content
    • World Language
    The Transferable Skills include:
    • Creative and Practical Problem Solving: Apply a variety of problem-solving strategies demonstrating reflective, creative, and innovative thinking and modeling.
    • Effective and Expressive Communication: Communicate effectively and creatively using oral and written language.
    • Engaged Citizenship: Participate in and contribute to local and global communities.
    • Working Independently and Collaboratively: Exhibit the skills to work independently and collaboratively with efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Informed, Integrated, and Critical Thinking: Use a variety of sources to understand, interpret, analyze, and evaluate information.
    • Self-Awareness and Self-Direction: Identify and actively pursue interests in preparation for lifelong learning and growth.

    -->For further information regarding expectations for meeting Student Learning Outcomes, please visit our WCUUSD Student Learning Outcomes website.