• On July 1, 2019 the individual school districts of Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex (Rumney Memorial), U-32 Middle/High, and Worcester (Doty Memorial) merged together as a single school district named Washington Central Unified Union School District.

    Vera Frazier: Berlin One-Year Term 

    I joined the Berlin Elementary School Board in March 2008. During my time on the Board I have served on several committees; from policy, transportation, negotiations, school quality and the Executive Committee. 
    I believe schools should be a space to explore learning, not where learning starts or ends. I want students to be passionate about learning whether it be in a classroom environment, from a text book, hands-on or a tech center. 
    I strongly believe in strict financial planning and budgeting. 
    I will also be the voice to make sure that the district is,
     Accountable to the Students and Parents 
     Communicating with Parents 
     Transparent About Decision-Making

    George Gross: Berlin Two-Year Term 

    I moved to Berlin in 2004, my wife and I have two great kids in school. Currently I am a member of the U32 board which has really enlightened me to the high quality education our kids receive after they leave their respective town elementary schools. 
    Having been in public education for years and holding a graduate degree in education I believe in offering as many possible experiences for learning and development to all students, this exposure will open their minds to what truly inspires and interests them. 
    My opposition to school consolidation within our district is fueled by poor planning at the state level as well as no clear vision of financial benefit for our towns as a result. 

    Dorothy Naylor: Calais One-Year Term 

    I would like to continue my service to Calais as one of 2 Calais representatives on the 10 member WCUUSD Board. My service in a variety of roles over the past 50 years, will provide the WCUUSD Board with important institutional and community knowledge to help with critical decision-making.  

    Parent, teacher, contract negotiator, zoning administrator, grandparent, zoning administrator etc.

    I am a steadfast advocate of local public education and will promote the best, most efficient education for the present and future students of Calais and this new district.  E-mail or phone for more information.


    Scott Thompson: Calais Three-Year Term 

    My family moved to the Calais-Worcester frontier in 2007 after I retired from federal service.  I joined the Calais board in 2008 and then the U-32 board from Calais in 2014.
    I want school to be a place where younger and older generations can share the thrill of exploration and discovery, a place that fires children’s imagination and their desire to unfold new powers to shape the world.
    On the business side I believe in strict capital planning and budgeting, so that long-term debt service on bonds remedying past managerial sloppiness will not crowd out future money for education.
    I oppose the state’s decision to force consolidation on our five towns.  It sets the merged district up for failure.  Great skill, ingenuity, and TLC will be necessary to save it.  I don’t claim to have any of these qualities.  But I do feel obligated to make the effort.

    Lindy Johnson: East Montpelier Two-Year Term

    My family has lived in East Montpelier for over 20 years and I worked at EMES (reading interventionist) and the SU (district literacy specialist) for a total of 8 years. I currently work in the Barre Supervisory Union as a Literacy Coordinator. Working in public schools makes me keenly aware of the challenges facing schools in our state.

    I see my role on the board as asking the right questions of the administration to inform budget, policy and procedural decisions while ensuring our schools are efficient and effective. I am currently a member of the EMES board and the transitional board.

    I live on Sodom Pond Road with my husband, Bruce. Our sons (R.B. and Will) are now on their own in Burlington. They both attended EMES and graduated from U-32.


    Flor Diaz Smith: East Montpelier Three-Year Term 

    Since moving to Vermont from Guatemala City in 1997, I have been dedicated to serving our community and volunteering in our school. In 2009 I became a citizen in order to run for the East Montpelier School board. Since then, I have served in many different roles from helping pass the bond vote in 2012, overseeing the renovation of our beautiful school, serving as one of the two representatives for Orange and Washington Central Region for the Vermont School Boards Association, and for the past three years serving on the Act 46 Committee.

    I value and understand the importance of collaboration among the Board, Superintendent, Principal, teachers, staff, parents, and community for the common goal of what is best for our kids. It is not easy to represent all voices in the community, but I am a patient listener and a good communicator. I believe education is the most important gift we give our children, and a strong public education is the basis of our democracy and the key to successful communities. I have appreciated your support over the years and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve and contribute to our communities for many more years to come.

    If elected, I would continue to combine my love for children and people with my professional architectural experience and passion for education to best serve, help, and contribute in this new journey together.

    I live with my husband Dan and our children, Mia (17) and Lincoln (13), on Horn of the Moon Road. We have a small family farm, raising beef cows, keeping chickens, goats and sugaring in the spring.

    Marylynne Strachan: Middlesex One-Year Term 

    My family has lived in Middlesex for 5 years. I work as a Clinical Research Nurse in Oncology with Certification in Pediatric Oncology at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I have 2 daughters, in second grade and the other in Pre-K at Rumney.  At the end of Kindergarten my daughter explained she is never moving, she loveRumney- so there you have it, we have established Middlesex as our community.

    I was elected to the Rumney board in the most recent election. I attended many board meetings over the years and felt well informed on the tough decisions the school board was facing in the upcoming months and year and wanted to have a voice in those decisions.  I research, a lot. I utilize resources to gain a better understanding into the complexities of the education system, I engage all stakeholders, and I ask questions. A LOT of questions, and I don’t stop until I am satisfied that I have all the information in front of me to make an informed decision. For me this ensures decisions are informed and transparent.  In my opinion these are incredibly important qualities to have in a school board candidate on the merged board.

    This is an important time in our Supervisory Union, there are so many (potential) changes that, by law, we will have to make.  However, we have been presented with other changes that provide an opportunity to take a step back and truly reflect on what WE- the board, the community, the students, and the teachers and staff, want for our Supervisory union.  Rumney representation is important to me on a merged board, but this is a time for us to come together as a unified community, heal from difficult times, and move forward together.


    Chris McVeigh: Middlesex - Two Year Term


    Jaiel Pulskamp: Worcester One-Year Term 

    I am a professional organic Vegetable grower in Worcester, and a climate justice organizer with 350VT. I have one daughter at Doty Elementary and one daughter who will be a freshman at U32.

    I believe education is the backbone of a society. When a child’s education inspires their creativity-- when they feel understood and supported during their time at school and they are allowed to express themselves-- they will flourish and grow into wonderful adults.  

    I feel that teachers are often not given the financial support they deserve for their hard work. However, I do not want to cause financial burden to residents. I will approach budgetary decisions carefully and with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.

    I want to see more local organic food in schools. This is not only better for the children's health, but also good for the local economy.  

    I am not a proponent of Act 46, and see schools as important fixtures to building strong communities.


    Jonas Eno-Van Fleet: Worcester Three-Year Term 

    I grew up in Cabot in the house where my parents still live, and moved with my wife to Worcester in 2008. Our oldest son is a second grader at Doty and our youngest is two years old. I work in Montpelier for a company performing data research and media analytics. My parents served on the Cabot select and school boards when I was a kid, and they taught me the importance of community building and public service. 
    We decided to raise our family in Worcester because of Doty's excellent reputation, and because of the high quality education our children would receive at U-32. Our family's experience with the inclusive and compassionate spirit of the entire Doty community has confirmed the wisdom of that decision. 
    Each of the schools in this district are unique and diverse in their own ways, and a top priority of the district must be to build trust and create a collaborative environment in which each school community is valued equally and all voices are heard.