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    Welcome back to school!! My name is Sabrina Bador and I am the Food Service Director here at Rumney Memorial School. I look forward to serving your children wonderful, nutritious meals as well as providing healthy snacks daily to all students. Breakfast and lunch will be served every day. As you might already know we are a “nut aware” school. Some students in the past have had possible life-threatening allergies to various nuts. Please be aware of products that have nuts in them and or that have been processed in or on a factory/machine that has produces products with nuts. Reading ingredients and product labels will help keep our students safe.

    Application for Free and Reduced Meals:

    Click here to obtain the Application for Free and Reduced Meals: APPLICATION

    The Free and Reduced application is strongly recommended paperwork, even if you feel you may not qualify. Please return it to school. For the school year 2022-2023, all children will receive free breakfast and lunch. This program is not only helpful to families in need but also supports our school’s food program. Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. You will be notified promptly of your eligibility. Should you require assistance in completing the form, please contact Melissa Tuller at mtuller@u32.org or 1-802-229-0553 ext. 1316 for help. Please be reminded that Free and Reduced Meals, in order to be free, need to be a complete meal, consisting of ALL components per state regulations. Snacks and standalone milk will be charged. 

    Thank you for supporting our efforts in providing healthy, well-balanced meals for our growing children!

    Sabrina Bador, Food Service Director



    Menus can be found on the Rumney Memorial website.


    • Adult Breakfast - $4.00
    • Adult Lunch - $5.50
    • Adult/Guests Special Meal - $6.25


    The food service program is a pay-in-advance system. Please be sure to keep your account current. You can access your account through the parent portal.

Current Menu

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