• Nursing Services

    Our certified school nurse, Bonne Dunham, is here every day to provide a variety of health services to students, staff, and the Rumney community. Responsibilities of the school nurse include:

    • providing nursing assessment, treatment, and first aid
    • administering and monitoring medications taken at school
    • managing communicable diseases
    • conducting annual hearing and vision screening
    • assessing and planning for students with health-related concerns which may affect learning
    • communicating with families regarding health-related issues
    • providing families with health-related resources and referrals
    • promoting school-wide wellness through health education
  • Illnesses at School

    If a student has a fever without medication of 100 degrees or above or the teacher observes that the student feels too sick to participate in class, the nurse will send the child home. We will first try to contact a parent, then the people listed as emergency contacts.

    Please do not send children to school who have a fever or who seem ill. It is difficult for the child, disruptive to the class and contributes to the spread of viral illness throughout the school. It is expected that when students come to school they are well enough to participate in all school activities including gym and recess.

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  • Medication

    All medication must be dispensed by the health office. Students may not keep medication in their backpacks or desks. In order to administer any medication the school nurse must have:

     the medication in the original container,

     a written note from the parent stating the type of medicine, dates and time it is to be administered, dosage, and the medical reason for the medication, and

     the nurse will get an order from one doctor for each prescription medication.

    Any medication must be brought in by an adult. Please do not send medication with children on the bus.

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  • Rumney Life Threatening Nut Allergy Plan

     Any nut products eaten at Rumney must be eaten at the NUT table in the cafeteria

     Students who bring nut products for lunch must wash their hands in the bathroom before returning to class

     Nut products may not be eaten in any classrooms or common rooms (library, music, art, office…). If students are eating snack or lunch with staff in these rooms they may not have nut products

     Nut products may not be served at any event held on school grounds, including individual classroom parties and birthday celebrations


     **Please note that nut products include: Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia, Peanuts, Pecans, Pesto, Pine Nuts, Pistachio and Walnuts Foods labeled ‘contains nut products’ are covered by this plan. Foods labeled ‘may contain nut products’ are allowed anywhere at Rumney School.

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  • Human Head Lice and School

    Human head lice are inconvenient pests that infest the hair and are passed from person to person. They do not carry disease. While humans have always had head lice, in modern times people strive to live without lice. Rumney school supports students, families and faculty members in their endeavors to live without lice, and the school follows practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which emphasize that head lice do not carry disease and should not interfere with student attendance at school.

    We expect that you let the school nurse and classroom teacher know if your child has an active case of lice. This allows us to take precautions to prevent the spread of lice. Students who are found to have live lice at school will be treated with an electronic “Robi” comb to kill as many live lice as possible. Students with long hair will be asked to tie their hair back or up.

    In the event that your child has lice, the school nurse will notify you as soon as possible and provide guidance on how to remove lice from your home. When there are four or more cases of lice in a particular classroom, all parents are notified, all students will receive regular head checks, and Rumney will implement measures (e.g. frequent vacuuming, removal of pillows, routine head check) to prevent the spread of lice.

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