• Music Department

    Kate Liptak is our music teacher. At Berlin Elementary School the Kodaly method of music instruction is used in kindergarten, supplemented with Feierabend's "First Steps" approach both of which rely on using folksongs and nursery rhymes to develop pitch sense, beat and rhythm, movement and listening skills. The Orff Schulwerk approach focuses on exploration and creativity using improvisation and composition on instruments including xylophones, metallophones, recorders and a variety of rhythm instruments as well as voice. Movement is an important part of Orff Schulwerk, and this approach is used at all grade levels, with a focus on grades first through fourth. Students in third grade begin recorders, and in fourth grade may choose to be in Fourth Grade Band. All students in fifth and sixth grades participate in Chorus where students learn proper posture and breathing techniques for singing, expanding their knowledge of music theory and history while developing their understanding of performance etiquette. Fifth and sixth grade students may also choose to be in Fifth and Sixth Band, and for those who have the interest and need for extension in their music education, Fifth and Sixth Jazz Band. Students studying Band instruments will receive a thirty minute group lesson once a week. There is a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert every year. All students in fifth and sixth grades participate in a musical theater production which involves creating sets and props, developing characters and learning acting skills. Music Education at Berlin Elementary School strives to instill a love, appreciation, and understanding of music and the arts, meeting all children where they are. The program strives to inspire creativity through children’s innate curiosity, joy and a sense of play, moving toward responsibility, skill and accomplishment.