• Physical Education


    The physical education curriculum at Berlin Elementary School focuses on the individual child and his/her growth. Marc Chamberlain is the P.E. teacher at the school. We strive to develop each child's locomotor, non-locomotor, manipulative, and social skills at all grade levels. The kindergarten through second grade curriculum focuses on movement activities and cooperative games to help develop these skills. The fourth through sixth grade students participate in a more sports-oriented program that concentrates on lifetime games and activities. Grade three is a transitional year where students leave the more movement-oriented program of kindergarten through second grade, for the lifetime activities taught in grades four through six. Our average gym class consists of three parts. We start the day with a five- to seven-minute warm up. Next we spend 15 to 20 minutes on the lesson of the day. We end each class with a two- to four- minute cool down period.
    Physical Education units consist of: Archery, Dance, Badminton, Volleyball, Team Oriented Invasion Games, Basketball, Striking Skills, Snowshoeing, Locomotor/Non-Locomotor Skills, and Throwing and Catching Skills.

    Three times each year every student participates in a standard physical fitness test. Students are encouraged to try their best to improve their personal fitness. Students are not pushed to meet the national averages, nor are they compared to their peers. We believe students should learn to be physically fit while having fun in gym class.