• Jessica Heinz

    School Counselor


  • Counseling Services

    Small Group/Classroom Guidance
    The Berlin Counseling Program's standards-based curriculum is delivered to all students at the prevention level through small group and classroom guidance lessons.  Lessons address academic, career and personal/social topics. The focus of the academic lessons include learning styles, study skills, and test taking strategies. Career topics include team building, goal setting and the link between good school and work habits.  Personal/social lessons address issues such as friendship, conflict resolution, bullyproofing, coping skills, decision making skills and anger management. Teamwork, community and positive communication are incorporated into all the lessons through experiential education methods. Please see the "ASCA Standards" page for more information.
    Group Counseling
    Any staff member, parent, or student may request group counseling sessions.  Group counseling usually consists of 6-8 weekly, 30 minute sessions. These sessions occur during the regular school day. Typically groups do not meet during recess or lunch, as these are important times for socialization and physical movement. Topics include, friendships, focus issues, anger management, and relational aggression. Group topics are determined by need and the impact the issue is having on the student's academic progress. Various modalities are utilized, including: games, play, experiential education and art. Parents and/or guardians will be notified before sessions begin. 
    Individual Counseling
    Any staff member, parent or student may request that a student receive an individual counseling session. Individual counseling is offered on a short-term, temporary basis. Typically no more than three sessions are provided. If the issues are chronic and/or acute resources and/or referrals will be provided. Reasons for referrals include, but are not limited to, school anxiety, changing families, grief/loss issues and anger management.  School counseling is not therapy.