• Reflections from the class of 2021
    Everyone loves another parade (especially RMS teachers and families)!
    Everyone loves a parade (especially RMS teachers and families)!
    The musical whole is more than equal to the sum of its parts for the RMS beginner band. Students in the December art residency with alum Ethan Fielder test and revise their ceramic stamps. Can robots follow road signs that act as program commands?
    Author Lindsey Stoddard shares insights about the life and work of a writer. The science and art of origami gets a hands-on treatment. Students explore the relationship between precision and stability by designing towers and bridges.
    Essential practice with inequalities: Which quantity is more? RMS 6th-graders ranking the UN sustainability goals during their trip to Shelburne Rumney and Doty students joined teams from all over the state to work on global sustainability.
    The whole school connects in a circle of dancing and drumming at Hubbard Park.
    4th-grade scientists test the sense of hearing. Dancing to live drumming at Hubbard Park Subject and predicate are the subject of this 6th-grade literacy session.
    A book can carry you entirely into another world. Season's Squeezings to all from our 6th-graders! When your math brain gets turned on, you can find math even when it's time to clean up.
    Imagination, creativity, precision, perseverence--building fairy houses has them all! The whole world in their hands: making paper-mache globes 6th-graders sharpen their math minds learning chess strategy.
    How long is a minute? Run in place! Lunchtime conversation with our new principal 5th-graders work together to make the impossible possible
    United Way volunteers really dig our garden! Arriving the first day on foot and by bus Day one in the RMS library, it's all about the books.