• - -    September 4, 2020 Update    - -

    Dear students,

    We have finally come to the time when school will be restarting. On Tuesday, September 8, all Middle School, 9th and 10th grade students will begin in-person instruction and 11th and 12th graders will begin their first week in remote instruction. The following week, beginning on September 14th, the 9th and 10th grade will be remote and the 11th and 12th grade will be in person. The 9th and 10th will then alternate with the 11th and 12th until further notice. By now TAs and teachers have reached out to all our students to welcome them back and give information about how the school year will start. All of our full-time remote students have also been given information about when their classes will start. Take a look at this video to see what entering the building looks like and if you drive or are being driven to school check out this video as well. When students enter the building this year, they should proceed directly to their TA room and not congregate in spaces such as the atrium or amphitheater. This video shows what classrooms look like this year.

    There are many routines that have changed in order to make the school as healthy and safe so we can return to in-person instruction as much as possible. In this email, I have included several videos of what it looks like in the school and how we will be doing things. I have tried to put things into the order in which you will be experiencing them.

    Health Monitoring  -  To lower our risk of transmitting illness to one another, we have implemented 4 key practices; wearing a cloth face mask, maintaining physical distancing of 6ft, good hand hygiene, and reducing the number of daily contacts through smaller groups or pods. We also need to monitor our health on a daily basis and we will do so through a daily health screening that is done using our Basecamp website and a secondary screening of temperatures that will occur when students and staff enter the building and pass by our thermal temperature screener. It is vital that the families of all students complete the Basecamp daily health screener before arriving at school each day so we can keep everyone healthy. The Basecamp user guide is a great resource to get started.

    Buses  -  The bus system will remain available to students for transportation to/from school, home(s), or daycares only.  We recognize that students may have one or two parent/caregiver addresses and some may also have a daycare location for before or after school care.  The bus system will be able to bring students to/from school only to/from home addresses and daycare addresses that are provided to school offices in advance.  In previous years we had the ability to offer more flexible transportation options when families required that flexibility.  The health and safety practices that we will have in place in our schools will extend to the bus system and we will have assigned seats for students and designated bus schedules in order to keep students safe and to allow for contact tracing if needed (these practices are addition to students wearing masks, bus cleaning, distancing when possible).  Students will not be able to ride different buses to alternative locations such as a friend's house until further notice.  Alternative arrangements will require that students are picked up from school and we will be unable to issue bus passes to additional locations.  We appreciate, in advance, your understanding and support in ensuring that the bus system is a safe and viable option for transporting students.

    School Meals  -  The USDA recently issued a memo to schools that allows all students to receive a free breakfast and lunch if they so choose. This is great news for all and it requires us to make some adjustments to how we provide these meals. To start the year we will be offering a very limited menu of one breakfast choice and one lunch choice. We hope to expand our options as we get better at what we do. For those of you who have chosen the remote learning option to start this school year, we will be providing free breakfast and lunch to all those who wish to receive them. These meals will be delivered to the elementary schools for you to pick up. The meals for all of our full time remote students will be prepared at U-32 along with the meals for the high school students who are on their remote week in their hybrid schedule.

    Meal distribution in school will be different this year as well. Students will pick up their breakfast on the way into the building and they will eat in their TA room. This video shows the breakfast routine. Lunches will be delivered to student rooms and you can see a behind the scenes look at how this will be done with this video. For our remote families, we will be delivering the meals on a daily basis with a pick up time of 12:00, noon, at the elementary school that you designate in our meal system. 

    To help us get an accurate count of how many meals we will need each day, we ask that anyone who wants a meal, breakfast or lunch, to login to our meal ordering system, Nutrislice, (this video shows how), and submit your order for the week. There are buttons on the second screen that you can choose either in-person breakfast, lunch or remote learners. Once you press the button that fits you, you will see the options to select the remote meals for the week or you will see the menu for the week. Once you select your options, we will know how many meals to make so that no one goes hungry. You can sign up on a daily or weekly basis or you can sign up for several weeks at a time. We just ask that you sign up by Sunday afternoon the week before you wish to have the meals if you are remote and by the times designated in the app for everyone else. There are also videos that show how to do all this by following the embedded links above.

    We want to make sure that our students are healthy and being able to provide meals to all who wish to have them is something that we are proud to offer. If you have questions or need more information about ordering meals, please contact Sue Verchereau at sverchereau@u32.org or 802-229-0321 x5561.

    Canvas  -  This year we are using a Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. An LMS is a platform that supports teaching and learning. It is designed to support curriculum, instruction, assessment, scoring, and communication, especially, but not exclusively, during times of remote learning. Using a consistent LMS across all classes and grade levels Pre K-Graduation is a student-centered, family-centered, and staff-centered practice that will support our students’ path to proficiency in our Student Learning Outcomes.

    Students who have access to their school email can log into Canvas and see course information.  To do this, they should go to wcuusd.instructure.com and log in with google.  Their courses will show up in their dashboard as squares.  Some courses may not show up yet, that is because the teacher has not yet published the course.  Look for the square that is your TA and click on it, then go to modules, and you'll notice the "Passport to Canvas" modules.  These are your introduction to Canvas and how to use it - a self-paced Canvas adventure!  I encourage you to log in and check it out before Tuesday.  If your TA does not show up yet, reach out to your Teacher Advisor and ask them to publish it so you can work through Passport to Canvas. This video will help you with logging in the first time.

    A lot has changed at U-32 since you were last here in-person on March 17th and I want you to know that we are ready for your return to school. There will be some hiccups in our restart and we will make adjustments as we go. Remember to be kind, be flexible, and be patient so we can all work towards a successful year at U-32.

    Our final video is how we will dismiss each day. Together, we can all make this work.

    Go Raiders!

    For even more information you can go to our checklist to prepare for school or  our morning routines for students documents. These were shared in an earlier email. 

    Steven Dellinger-Pate


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