• About the School Board: The Rumney Memorial School Board is an elected body representing the citizens of Middlesex with regard to the town's responsibility to educate its elementary school children. As such, the board discusses and makes decisions regarding school policy, finances, and personnel. Board members are chosen by Middlesex voters at March elections to serve terms of either 2 or 3 years.

    Meetings are public and are warned at least 24 hours in advance. The agendas and board minutes are posted at school on the main bulletin board and at the Middlesex Town Hall.

    The Rumney board will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm; EXCEPT in September, October, December, March and June when they will meet after the Full Board meeting (around 6:45pm.)

    Contacting the School Board: Because its activities are publicly conducted by law, the Board may not engage in private dialogue but welcomes input from Middlesex community members. Such input will be taken into consideration in planning its normal proceedings. Specific requests for information or other responses will be acted upon as seems most appropriate within legal guidelines.


    Rumney (Middlesex):

    9/27 FB/Carousel Meetings

    10/25 FB/Carousel Meetings


    12/7 Full Board Meeting


    1/? TBD – Need to be held before MLK Jr. Day

    2/21 FB/Carousel Meetings

    3/28 FB/Carousel Meetings

    4/? TBD


    6/6 FB/Carousel Meetings


    Executive Committee:

    9/20 Executive Committee Meeting

    10/18 Executive Committee Meeting

    11/9 Executive Committee Meeting

    1/24 Executive Committee Meeting

    2/14 Executive Committee Meeting

    3/21 Executive Committee Meeting

    4/25 Executive Committee Meeting

    5/30 Executive Committee Meeting

    6/27 Executive Committee Meeting



  • Carolyn Kiniry-Roberge, Chair
    Home Phone: 223-5181
    122 Norton Rd
    North Middlesex, VT 05682

    (2 of a 3-year term, expires 2018)

    Woden Teachout, Vice Chair

    Home Phone: 223-3606
    393 Brook Rd., Middlesex, VT 05602

    Brian Tagliaferro, Clerk    
    Home Phone: 249-6572
    119 Upper Barnett Hill Rd., Middlesex, VT 05602
    (2-year term, expires 2017)

    Karolyn May, Exe./Transportation Committee
    Cell phone: (802)238-5651
    (3 year term expires 2019)

    Chris McVeigh      
    Home phone: 223-6558
    368 Shady Rill Rd., Middlesex, VT  05602
    (2-year term, expires 2018)