Washington Central Timeline
  • We are excited to engage in a multi-year visioning/strategic planning process, with an emphasis on equity and engagement, that will create unity within the Washington Central Unified Union School District around a common understanding of what our communities believe all students should experience in our educational system. 


    Steering Committee Members : 

    Jeannie Phillips, Great Schools Partnership Coach

    Eric Andersen ( East Montpelier) 

    Yolanda Bansah (Berlin Student)

    Arlyn Bruccoli ( Calais)

    Steven Dellinger-Pate (U-32 Principal) 

    Flor Diaz Smith ( East Montpelier)

    Cat Fair (Calais)

    Bekah Mandell (Middlesex)

    Adrienne Magida (Middlesex)

    Jennifer Miller-Arsenault (Middlesex)

    Julie Moore (Middlesex)

    Uriah Proctor-Mattingly ( Calais Teacher)

    Beth Stern ( Doty)

    Chani Waterhouse ( Worcester)

    Erica Zimmerman ( East Montpelier)

    Kari Bradley ( Calais)