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    The Berlin Elementary School Board seeks a board member to fill a vacancy until Town Meeting Day 2019.  The board meets typically once a month and members have additional opportunities to serve on various committees.  Potential candidates should be a registered voter of Berlin and possess the ability to maintain confidentiality, professionalism, open-mindedness, and objectivity.  This is a great opportunity for someone who wishes to serve all our kids within the community.

     If you would be interested in this role please send a letter of interest stating your reasons why by October 15, 2018 to the board, in care of Chris Winters, Chair, at

    Dear Families, Friends and Staff

    Welcome and thank you for being part of the Berlin Elementary School Community! We are pleased to offer you this handbook which contains up-to-date information regarding our school system.  This same information and more is available on our school website, WWW.BERLINSCHOOL.ORG.  We strive to ensure that the handbook and the website are excellent resources for the school calendar, staff directory, classroom instructions, policies and much more.

                    We are fortunate at Berlin Elementary School to have a caring and dedicated staff! We are deeply committed to providing creative, dynamic, and excellent learning opportunities for the children of Berlin.  We believe that parents, guardians, grandparents and other community members can play an invaluable role in educating our children. We strongly encourage you to get involved at the school.  Volunteering in the classroom or the library, becoming a member of the PTNA, helping to coach or referee for a sports team, sharing experience or interests with a class, helping with school productions or even helping to build a snow sculpture are just a few ways you can help make the educational experience at Berlin a richer and more positive experience for our children.  You can make a difference!

                    The purpose of the School Board is to oversee the education of all students at Berlin Elementary School, and we work collaboratively with the Principal and staff to achieve our goals. We make decisions regarding issues such as the budget, policies, the Action Plan, contracts, personnel, and the facility. We meet the second Monday of every month at 6:15 p.m. in the Learning Center, and the public is always welcome. The agenda is posted in advance in the lobby and on the school website. The School Board encourages participation in our public meetings. If you have a concern or issue regarding school, we encourage you to address the issue directly with the person or people involved. If necessary, please contact the Principal for assistance. Concerns that are not resolved through this process may be brought to the Superintendent, and then the Board, by requesting that the Principal place you on the meeting agenda. We also want to hear about your school-related celebrations. Please consider joining us at a meeting. We welcome and encourage your participation and interest.

                    If you have questions about your child’s progress in school, please contact his/her teacher. If you have questions regarding the school system or programs, please contact the Principal, Carol Amos, at 223-2796, ext. 120, or you can email her at . In the event you need further assistance, you may contact the Superintendent, William Kimball, at 229-0553, ext. 2. Thank you for being a part of the Berlin Elementary School family.




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    School Board Members are:

    Vera Frazier  522-3603

    Chris Winters 279-1649 

    Corinne Stridsberg  05602 223-1948 

    Peter Schober



    Vera Frazier 2 years - 2020

    Chris Winters   3 years - 2019

    Corinne Stridsberg  2 years - 2021

    Peter Schober - 1 year 2019