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    The U-32 Student Services Office provides information and resources for students, families, faculty and community member for life at U-32 and life after U-32 via Naviance Student.

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    REPORT CARD DATES FOR 2021-2022 (sent home with students)

    S1/Q2     Monday, January 25, 2022

    S2/Q4     TBA depending on last day of school

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    Remember to frequent Naviance / Student as this web-based program will help U-32 students explore colleges and careers, build a resume, manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers, sign up for college visits, and find out what scholarships are available.  Naviance will also house Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) starting with students in grade 7.

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    Lisa LaPlante  |  Dir. Student Services

    Lisa joined U-32 in 2007, bringing with her 15 years of counseling experience and four years of social work experience. She has a M.Ed. in school counseling and was the Director of Guidance for the Haverhill Public School system. Lisa can be reached at llaplante@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Lisa, llaplante.youcanbook.me

    Cairsten Keese  |  HS Counselor

    Cairsten earned her B.A. in Psychology from Westfield State University in Westfield, Massachusetts. After graduation she moved to Arizona and earned her M.Ed. in School Counseling from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Caristen relocated to Vermont in 2014 and joined the Student Services team at U-32. She is very passionate about her field of work, especially when it comes to post-secondary planning. Cairsten believes that every student should be college and career ready upon high school graduation.  Cairsten can be reached at ckeese@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Cairsten, ckeese.youcanbook.me


    Ellen Cooke  |  HS Counselor 

    Ellen joined U-32 in 1990. She is the liaison to the Central Vermont Career Center, 9th Grade Academy, and Faculty Adivosr to Branching Out. Her other responsibilities include college and career counseling, individual and group work and she provides support for 9th and 10th grade faculty TA's. Ellen can be reached at ecooke@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Ellen, ellen-cooke.youcanbook.me


    Nate Lovitz  |  HS Counselor

    A native of Central Maine, Nate joined the U-32 community after earning his Masters of Science in School Counseling from the University of Vermont. Nate earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Education at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. He then spent four years in Jackson, Wyoming, working as a literacy aid and whitewater raft guide. Nate also spent a year in Augusta, Georgia, where he worked as a long-term sub at Burke County High School. Nate is extremely excited to aid students in social and emotional growth, help develop a strong and caring community, and explore social justice issues in his school counselor role. Nate can be reached at nlovitz@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Nate, nlovitz.youcanbook.me 


    Jade Walker  |  MS Counselor

    Jade joined the U-32 community after earning her Masters of Arts in Education and School Counseling from Goddard College. Jade earned her Bachelor's Degree in English and Environmental Studies from University of Vermont. Jade spent a decade as Founder and Director of an educational urban farm in West Philadelphia. She then moved back to Vermont and worked for Voice's for Vermont's Children doing family and child-centered policy and advocacy work in Montpelier. Jade has an extensive background in trauma-informed schools, restorative practices, and social and environmental justice intiatives with young people. Jade can be reached at jwalker@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Jade jadewalker.youcanbook.me 

    Jake Ploof

    Jake Ploof  |  MS Counselor

    Jake joined the U-32 community in August, 2021. Jake earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy Massachusetts and a Master of Science in School Counseling from the University of Vermont. Jake was born and raised in Vermont. Prior to joining U-32, Jake worked as a counselor for Schools Out, the after-school program for the South Burlington School District. He also completed school counseling internships at Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington and Richford Junior Senior High School in Richford. Jake is very excited to support the U-32 middle schoolers both academically and in their social/emotional growth. Jake can be reached at jploof@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Jake, https://jploof.youcanbook.me


    Erika Moore  |  Social Worker

    Erika is very new to the Abenaki land of Vermont. Erika has been practicing social work since grade school. Erika is very passionate about students' needs and encouraging them to be community service oriented  by exploring new growth and gaining experience. Erika is Oakland, California and Bay Area educated. Erika's spiritual home is Santa Cruz, California. Erika has lived all along the West Coast, loves exploring all places wooded and is an avid hiker. Erika has a deep love and connection to Ocean. Erika can be reached at emoore@u32.org. To schedule an appointment with Erika erikasw.youcanbook.me


    Mahala Largent |  R.N. 

    Mahala began her nursing career as a licensed nursing assistant when she was 20 years old. Her first position was working in a hospital with patients from 6 weeks to 103 years old. She later earned her LPN from Vermont Technical College, then her Associates Degree from Vermont Technical College. She went on to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Western Governors University. Mahala has worked in a variety of settings, caring for acutely ill children at Dartmouth HItchcock Medical Center to children on hospice services in Northern California. She has also developed and taught program curriculum for people with no healthcare experience and hopes to someday be able to use that experience to encourage students that are considering a career in healthcare. She joined the team at U-32 in 2021. She can be reached at 802-229-0321 X5103 or  mlargent@u32.org.  


    Amber Larrabee |  R.N. 

    Amber joined the U-32 team in 2021 with 18 years of nursing experience within the Central VT Community.  She has spent most of her adult life chipping away at furthering her nursing education.  Amber holds an Associate Degree in Nursing from Vermont Technical College and is actively enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program with a goal of completion by fall of 2022.  She has many years of experience with care coordination and community health nursing.  Amber will be managing the 504 case plans as well as providing our students with health advocacy and support to facilitate an active and engaged student during their career at U-32. She can be reached at alarrabee@u32.org or 802-229-0321 x5134.


    Tracy Martin  |  Office Manager 

    Tracy joined U-32 in 2007 as administrative support for students and guidance counselors, as well as overseeing the state census reports. Tracy can be reached at tmartin@u32.org.


    Hannah Fuller  |  Admin. Assistant 

    Hannah can be reached at hfuller@u32.org.