Meet Zach Ehret

Zach Ehret

A 2011 graduate of U-32, Zach grew up in East Montpelier and attended East Montpelier Elementary. He currently works in Manhattan at Mount Sinai Hospital in the emergency department. He will be moving back to Burlington, Vermont this summer to begin medical school. Zach graduated from the University of Vermont with a major in biochemistry and a minor in pharmacology. To further his interests in chemistry, he became involved with research at the end of his freshman year. His research was mostly focused on organic chemistry and biochemistry, with the goal of developing potential cystic fibrosis treatments. Zach was a member of the collegiate ambulance squad, UVM Rescue, where he served both as a provider and a trainer for three years. He became a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and held multiple chair positions while at UVM. Zach is very excited to attend UVM College of Medicine this August.  

Zach says his education at East Montpelier Elementary School and U-32 was constantly nurturing and helped shape his aspirations. It gave him confidence and rewarded him with a clear baseline with which to begin college. Zach continues, “I am very grateful for where I have landed and it is not unreasonable to say my fate may be much different had I not attended EMES or U-32.” 

Zach says to feel free to get in touch if you feel you have any similar interests!