School Safety

February 16, 2018 
Dear Families of the Washington Central Educational Community,
The shooting in Florida and the recent news of a plot against Fair Haven High School causes us to pause and consider the safety and security of our own students.
First, our thoughts and prayers are with the families, students, staff, and community in Parkland Florida.  No community should have to endure the pain and loss that their community is facing.
Second, I want to reassure our community that we take the safety and security of our students very seriously. 
Our schools have implemented measures to limit access to our schools through systems like our door buzzers.  We also regularly review our response plans to all kinds of safety and security issues and we practice those responses with our staff and students.  Most importantly, our schools foster strong relationships between staff, students, and families.  Our best response to threats are to know our students well and to deal with issues of isolation, bullying, and harassment as soon as they occur.  Developing strong support systems through Responsive Classrooms, Teacher Advisory, and Restorative Practice helps us build relationships with students and between students that make all members of our school community feel welcomed, accepted and appreciated.

As the superintendent, I know that our schools will continue to be safe and welcoming to all our students and I encourage any member of our community who knows of a student in need or of concern that they reach out to the schools, police or me directly.  We are all partners in maintaining a safe community.
Thank you and have a good evening,
Superintendent Bill Kimball
Washington Central Supervisory Union