Continued Conversation Regarding School Safety

February 19, 2018

Washington Central Learning Community, 

Within the last week, we have witnessed the devastating effects of yet another school shooting, and an arrest in response to a school threat in our own little state of Vermont. 

As mentioned in my message to you on Friday, our schools regularly review our response plans together as a leadership team, in tandem with the Agency of Education, Department of Public Safety, law enforcement and first responders. This is hard and careful work, and we are grateful to the many individuals who partner and prepare to ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

As a reminder, if an emergency were to occur on one of our campuses, our schools would use our alert system to notify parents of the unfolding event. The school’s emergency response procedures would be executed quickly.  We ask that you review the attached School Emergency Information Guide for Parents and Guardians to refresh yourselves on terminology and your role in an emergency at school.

These horrific events remind us that every student, teacher, parent, school administrator and community member plays a role in providing a safe and secure environment for all those who attend, visit and work at our schools.  With that belief in mind, I ask that you take a moment to read the attached memo from the VT Department of Mental Health which contains invaluable resources on how to best support those who may be struggling with processing these recent events and empower all of us to reach out to those we live, learn, work with to build a stronger community.

I would remind each of us, the best way to remain safe is to know our students well, connect with them, and establish trusting, caring relationships.  This way students know we care about each and every individual in the community.

Thank you,

Bill Kimball, 

WCSU Superintendent of Schools