Human Head Lice and School

Human head lice are inconvenient pests that infest the hair and are passed from person to person. They do not carry disease. While humans have always had head lice, in modern times people strive to live without lice. Rumney school supports students, families and faculty members in their endeavors to live without lice, and the school follows practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which emphasize that head lice do not carry disease and should not interfere with student attendance at school.

We expect that you let the school nurse and classroom teacher know if your child has an active case of lice. This allows us to take precautions to prevent the spread of lice. Students who are found to have live lice at school will be treated with an electronic “Robi” comb to kill as many live lice as possible. Students with long hair will be asked to tie their hair back or up.

In the event that your child has lice, the school nurse will notify you as soon as possible and provide guidance on how to remove lice from your home. When there are four or more cases of lice in a particular classroom, all parents are notified, all students will receive regular head checks, and Rumney will implement measures (e.g. frequent vacuuming, removal of pillows, routine head check) to prevent the spread of lice.

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